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About Yurt Health and Wellness


Yurt is the Turkic word for ‘home’. For thousands of years, Turkic nomads in the steppes of Central Asia have called their homes Yurts. In my native language Turkish, Yurt also means 'home'.











A Yurt is a circular structure and represents the cosmos and a cyclical worldview. As           opposed to a linear worldview, a cyclical worldview signifies balance and unity where there are no hierarchies and everything is connected.

Yurt Health and Wellness is based on this cyclical worldview and on the idea that through the healing arts of Tai Chi and Qigong we can connect to the cosmos, create harmony in our lives, and feel at home with ourselves.


Join me in practicing Tai Chi and Qigong so that we can build the Yurts we want to live in!


Maintain your Tai Chi pole.


Be at home with yourself.


"Yurt by Night". Source: geograph.org.uk

by Richard Croft, Wikimedia Commons.



About Me

My name is Iklim Goksel and I am originally from Turkey. I arrived in the United States in 1996 as a graduate student. I have lived in the states of Michigan, Illinois, Vermont, and Indiana. In the summer of 2017, I made Alaska my home. I feel privileged to live in such a unique geography with such beautiful people. The healing arts of Qigong and Tai Chi are the cornerstones of my life and I have trained with Dao Shima Susan and Lao Shih Holly at Jade Lady Meditation in Anchorage and with Master Yuan in China at the Wudang Daoist Traditional KungFu Academy to become a certified teacher.


My background is in the humanities. In 2009, I earned a PhD in Rhetoric and Gender Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition to being heavily involved in my academic work (iklimgoksel.com), I have worked as a volunteer teacher at the Alaska Literacy Program and served a 2-year term (2018 - 2020) as a policy analyst representing the state of Alaska for the National Council of Teachers of English.


I am an active member of Zonta Club of Anchorage and am passionate about its mission in improving the lives of girls and women. I am an active volunteer at the Alaska World Affairs Council, Anchorage Museum, and at Anchorage Festival of Music.

In addition to teaching at Jade Lady Meditation,  I have taught Qigong and Tai Chi at the Alaska VA Healthcare System and at Alaska Cancer Treatment Center, and offer classes at The Alaska Club. 


I was recently featured in the documentary series A Turk in America / Amerika'da Bir Turk hosted and produced by Erkan Tarhan, TRT Turk, Turkish Radio Television, Ankara, Turkey, 10 September 2019. Click on the following image to watch. 





offer Qigong and Tai Chi sessions at events and conferences as well as in-person private classes and online classes via Zoom and Skype.

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Private Online Classes on

Zoom & Skype

Email iklim.goksel@gmail.com

to set up an appointment  

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"Feel at home with yourself"



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"Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting"

The Art of War 

p.83, Canterbury Classics, San Diego, California 2016

"The returning is the movement of the Tao

The weak is the utilization of the Tao

The myriad things of the world are born of being

Being is born of nonbeing"

Tao Te Ching

p. 40, Trans. by Derek Lin

& Foreword by Lama Surya Das

Skylight Paths Publishing, Woodstock, Vermont 2011.

"Let's Qigong and Tai Chi in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska"
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Anchorage, Alaska

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