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Qigong on a Rainy Day

On Spenard

The ground was full of rain puddles making it hard to discern where to step. My vision was blurred. I felt warm. Thirsty. Then, ice particles travelled through me making every single cell in my body shrink and quirk. Deep, deep were the rain puddles that were slowly crawling towards my knees. I looked up at the sky through my fingers and saw rows of shimmering light making their way onto my face. I gasped for air but all I could get were rain drops. They tasted funny and burned my cheeks the way salt would burn an open wound. I looked again but didn’t see anything. What was once visible was now no more. Then, I saw heaven. Then, the earth. And my hands extended to grasp the sky and descended to get a hold of whatever it was that was no more. I turned away and “be careful”, the voice said. “Of what?”, I asked. “Of what is not fair”, the voice said. I took a deep breath and walked away, back to where I was before.

In the sanctuary, I stood tall and held the one. I held on tight until I could no more. Then, I slowly let go. The energy embraced me. "Everything is going to be alright”, said the voice. And I replied: “everything is already alright but why not make everything magical”.

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